Frequently Asked Questions


We offer a service to consumers (such as yourself) which affords them the opportunity to invest in a third-party product. Because the actual product provided by the third party is free, we are able to keep our fees low as it’s merely our expertise that we charge a fee for. In addition to earning a commission from affiliates by promoting their products and services, we also receive a share of your recurring income. So in essence, your long-term success is our long-term success.
The $499 purchase includes access to a step-by-step guide on how to create a free adult website like our demo-site ( We offer full support throughout this process, which is really simple and easy to do. There is also further access to our awesome resource area, covering Marketing Strategies, SEO, Google Analytics, Free Email, Domain Investing, etc. We are also currently offering a free how-to extra, which provides information on how to create a revenue generating Free Poker (Gambling) Website as well.
No. Aside from the domain name (web-address) which is purchased separately in step two of the process, there are no hidden fees or additional payments of any kind required.
The website is built to populate new content each day which is sourced from and provided by the affiliates. You can set the website to populate up to 20 new videos daily.
Yes. The copyright owners of the content (eg. supplies the content with links to their brand. In a different scenario where one would manually upload content to ones website it may be a concern, but in this case there are 350+ premium industry renowned affiliates who provide the content for the website.
There are no fees paid to the owners of the videos. They pay you to get them subscribers, you earn a commission from the “sale” (eg. each time a user subscribes to a premium membership plan).
In step #2 you would need to purchase a Domain Name (web-address) for your website (eg. a .com could easily cost another $10). Other than that, there are no further costs.
The content is provided by the owners (eg. Hustler, Pornhub, etc.) and is automatically updated onto your site each day.
We’ll show you how, but it depends on which extension you choose (eg. a .com cost around $10). Registrars often have deals on various domains (eg. .com, .org, .xyz, .club, etc.) where it can cost you as little as $1
Hosting is offered for free with the shared-host.
No. During step two we’ll guide you on how to acquire one for your adult website.


You could earn as much (millions) or as little (a few hundred) as any other porn site owner out there, it really depends on how you market your website. There is a plethora of SEO & Marketing methods available on how to best promote your Adult Website on the internet (both free and premium).
Revenue is earned through (1) “pay-per-click”. Each time a user clicks on any of the adverts on your website you get paid for that click. These ads include on-site adverts, pop-overs, as well as pop-unders (which opens a new window in a separate tab). You also earn through (2) subscription services offered by the affiliate brands. Subscription services are recurring payments made to the affiliate by means of a membership signup. The general commission structure is (a) 65% of recurring subscription fees (earned for the duration of the subscribers’ account being active). (b) 35% of membership signup fees (paid once-off on signup). (c) Pay-per-click (ranging from R0.10c and upward per click).
Yes. You’ll be able to add an unlimited amount of additional websites to your portfolio very easily, at no extra cost.
The commission (beside earning from the ads on the site) is a recurring 65% of membership subscription payments.
When a user clicks on any of the ads displayed on your adult site, you’ll get paid. When a user signs-up for premium access with affiliates who advertise on your site, you’ll get paid. These are the two ways you get paid, which is a lot like how Google pays people for advertising Google ads on their websites.
Investing the $48.88 amount to access our premium “step-by-step & how-to” content will enable you to create additional websites for free.
As part of the Web-creation process you’ll be guided on how to create an account for payments to be received from the affiliate brands. Paxum is like the Paypal for the adult industry, so we recommend using them. Once paid, you can choose to withdraw your earnings straight from your Paxum account in various ways (eg. South African bank transfer, Paxum pre-paid card withdrawal at local ATM’s, etc.).
As part of the Web-creation process you’ll be guided on how to create an account for payments to be received from the affiliate brands.


Unless you want to check-up on the user-stats and earnings, everything is automated and requires no managing. All that’s left is for you to promote your website.
Yes. The website is hosted on a “shared hosting” platform, which not only eliminates the cost of hosting the website but also allows for “tech support”. Any issues are resolved efficiently as there is a vested interest on a “shared hosting” platform. The alternative to this option would be to have “dedicated hosting”, though this method has a much more manual take to it and thus requires a whole lot more DIY for the successful functioning of the website. The “dedicated hosting” method would bare significant hosting costs and will undoubtedly limit you to bandwidth and disk space, which is the last thing you’d want in this industry.
You are buying premium access to our exclusive how-to-diy content, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a free porn site (like It also includes everything else that’s required for you to successfully generate a passive income from it, as well as access to our awesome resource area – covering Marketing Strategies, SEO, Google Analytics, Free Email, Domain Investing, etc.
The actual design and layout (example: color, layout, etc.) can easily be edited and changed at any time.
If you’re talking about a specific genre or niche, then yes. It’s easy to select which categories to include or exclude, so specializing in one specific genre or niche is 100% possible. This can be created right at the initial stages of creating your Adult Website, and can also be reversed or edited after (you’ll have the freedom to adapt to whatever changes you see fit).
The industry is enormous and is constantly growing in line with the increased demand from the consumer market, but we unfortunately don’t have any stats on the number of new sites popping up currently. What we do know is that there are many newcomers who are earning just as well as the experts are.
The adult website (see as an example) is fully responsive on all platforms ie. mobile, pc, tablet, etc.
There is no maintenance required, but you can operate and manage it easily like you would a Facebook account (login, manage, logout).
To make a success of your adult website (like any other website) you would need to get a lot of traffic / users to your site. The more visitors, the better the chances of them clicking on ads and signing up for premium subscriptions with your affiliates. We cover this topic in the resource area on our website
We’re glad to hear that you think our pricing is reasonable. This is as real as it gets, you can create your very own porn site in alnost no-time and literally start earning in US currency within the first few hours.
Having more sites will logically increase your potential to earn more. Quality (SEO, marketing, exposure, etc.) is better than quantity – but both quality and quantity together places the odds in your favor.
No, this specific offer does not allow for it. If you prefer, we can sell you a separate “how-to porn site template” which is WordPress based. This option also boasts automated updates, but entails a lot more know-how and time to operate. No extended support is given with this option.
In this specific case there is no source code provided by the third party site-builder. If you prefer, we can sell you a separate “how-to porn site template” which is WordPress based. Even though this option also boasts automated updates, it entails a lot more know-how and time to operate. Among other expenses, your hosting will have to be setup by yourself at a further cost. No extended support is given with this option.
No. Paypal (along with many other popular merchants) prohibit payments related to the adult industry. For this reason we cannot accept payment in this way. If you do have a suggestion for an alternative payment method that caters for our products and services, let us know and we’ll have a look at it.